Garden of the Oreads

Garden of the Oreads

an extraordinary entrance garden that creates separation from the street and a connection to the dramatic views

The Dream

The client wanted an elegant entrance garden to complement the total renovation of a great Charles Haertling designed home in Boulder, Colorado.


The Challenge

For over thirty years asphalt from the street went directly up to the front door. The owner and contractor wanted something to be done and reached out to several landscape architects. In addition, the entrance is north-east facing, so consideration of drainage, and snow/ice had to be made for this mountain garden.

The Garden

Viriditas created a unique sculptural solution for this home.

The dramatic Boulder flatiron mountains in the background served as inspiration. We built a form that echoes the form of the flatirons. We utilized an innovative construction technique where over thirty large moss rocks were cut, and fit into a visually seamless form. The creation appears to be an extension of the mountain form.

We added a beautiful water feature, native perennials, and emerging character pines, so the garden appears as part of the landscape—with no trace of being a complex sculptural form.

Viriditas also designed an elegant, small front patio. The owners felt at first that only the back patio would be used, but they now enjoy the front entrance patio almost every evening in the summer, as its north side location avoids the glare and heat of the late day sun.



The result of our innovative technique was so successful, the homeowners reported that over the years many landscapers, builders, and architects have inquired about what company could move such a large rock.

As designers and builders of luxury, high-end gardens, Viriditas believes that we should always exceed client needs and expectations—and deliver the extraordinary. This award-winning garden is an excellent example of the substantial value Viriditas can add to luxury homes and estate properties.

2022 Addition
2022 Addition - Rock Arroyo
2022 Addition - Detail of Rock Ring

The view used to be there, but now it’s right here, even inside the house.

Owner, Le Jardin De Mon Coeur

Create a garden for your home that connects you to the land in an extraordinary way.