The Art of the Garden

Landmark properties deserve unique solutions.

Combining inspirational sites with innovative construction methods, we seamlessly blend gardens with their surrounding landscapes.

A well-designed garden can be many things. 
As an expanded living space, it enhances your connection to the land. Viriditas supports the elements to find the grace that comes from a landscape in harmony with nature.

We specialize in the art of the garden.

Your garden design can embrace many elements and styles (Zen Garden, English, French, Mediterranean, Asian, Xeric), or what we view as the new American Garden. We offer signature elements that will make your garden a place of unusual beauty like no other.

We create one-of-a-kind garden designs.

We take existing landscaping—or the blank canvas of new construction space—and create unique gardens that serve the needs and aspirations of homeowners.

We embrace challenging and problematic sites.

For many mountain estate homes, winery gardens, difficult terrain, and low water demands are challenges that come with the territory. Our proprietary construction techniques allow us to tackle even the most difficult spaces.

We plan gardens for “seven generations”.

We intentionally design our gardens to grow and evolve throughout the years—so you can enjoy your space in its full beauty now and for years to come.

The magic of our gardens exceeds your expectations.

Tour our award-winning gardens.

Transform your outdoor space into a garden as art.