Viriditas Luxury Landscape Design Company, Boulder, Denver, Colorado

Micro Landscapes

Viriditas began the Siginifer series of micro-landscape sculptures five years ago as an experiment.

The first sculpture was for my home in a location where conventional landscaping wasn't an option.

The second sculpture was created in response to mountain neighbors who contacted me about a small, difficult site just outside the great room of their house. I built the micro-sculpture in our studio, transported and craned it onto a steep, rocky site. Adding this man-made element to a rugged mountain site provided a beautiful solution for a location that needed a focus.

For many years, as a sculptor, artist and landscape designer, I've been trying to enhance a sense of place and integrate images of the earth into difficult or inhospitable sites.

Here in Boulder, Colorado, at 7000 feet, we have a semi-arid climate, with loads of deer and other critters hungry for flowers. Here as in other places our micro-landscape sculptures have a dual purpose: they provide a landscape focal point while elevating flowers above hungry mouths and also controlling water use.

Our Siginifer series of micro-landscape sculptures work in any location. The sculptures can enliven a great variety of spaces: rooftop decks, urban courtyards, and building lobbies as well as natural settings. They transform difficult outdoor environments, such as poolside in desert cities like the Scottsdale/Phoenix area, and they complement luxury mountain homes, beach homes, and beautiful dwellings everywhere.

These sculptures serve to convey communion with a small, personal landscape. Their intimate scale creates perspective and a place for reverie with nature — something rare and valuable in these times as we reflect upon our relationship with Earth.

Please look at the videos as well as the photos to get a sense of the landscape context for our Siginifer sculptures. We hope you enjoy them. If you would like a conversation about commissioning or acquiring one of our pieces, please contact Jay.