Viriditas Luxury Landscape Design Company, Boulder, Denver, Colorado

Le Jardin De Mon Coeur

The Dream

Le Jardin de Mon Coeur means 'the garden of my heart.' Our client wanted a dramatic luxury garden that would serve as a place for the family to gather and a centerpiece for their mountain home.

The Challenge

The steep, sloped mountain site posed the biggest challenge: our design needed to address how to gain more usable space on a difficult terrain. The home was built on the steepest part of the property, on a site similar to Napa, Bordeaux and other chateaux winery gardens. The existing garden separated the patio and interior from the magnificent mountain views, and large shrubs emphasized this visual disconnect.

The Garden

For Le Jardin de Mon Coeur, we created a classic 'borrowed garden' using a principle from Asian garden design where background landscape is incorporated into garden composition.

To make a powerful visual connection with the mountains, we built a structural steel and concrete foundation that connects the rock-work, walls, water features, and lower patio. This landscape construction technique — unique to Viriditas — enabled us to create a stable and enduring luxury garden on the site.

As part of the overall design plan, we doubled the size of the front yard to better match the size of the house; planted fruit trees for a private orchard; created a personal yoga garden; and added a roof garden to the house itself, to ground the view from the master bedroom.

The beautiful mountain view is now a strong presence in the kitchen, great room, master bedroom, and observatory. As the owner states, "The view used to be there, but now it's right here, even inside the house."

The windy, exposed terrain influenced our choice of plantings. We worked with a variety of low water use plants, such as several species from the oregano, hyssop, manzanita, and specialty conifer families, all of which do very well on this type of site.

The garden is designed to be striking both day and night. We added three waterfalls with lights, and a sculpture fire feature — all showcasing the artistry that sets Viriditas apart.

Another element that sets us apart is our ability to listen to and really hear our clients. For example, this client knew that her existing garden wasn't adding much to the house, and wanted a design that would encourage use by her growing combined family and their children. We listened, and suggested that what the home needed was a 'heart' for activities and homelife to center around...and Le Jardin de Mon Coeur became that heart.