Viriditas Luxury Landscape Design Company, Boulder, Denver, Colorado


Le Jardin De Mon Coeur

Award Winning Luxury Mountain Landscape Design & Construction, Boulder, CO

Le Jardin de Mon Coeur is a mountain estate garden that brings striking views into the home. Custom-designed construction is invisible to the eye but heightens the dramatic impact of the luxury garden.

Zaria's Realm

Unique Garden Sculpture by Jay Markel, Boulder, CO

Zaria’s Realm is a stunning garden sanctuary created on top of bedrock. Unique architectural features create a natural flow, extending the living space out into the garden, pool and extensive family play area..

Garden of the Oreads

best Boulder Colorado landscape design and construction, Boulder, CO

The Garden of the Oreads was built in front of a luxury mountain home where there had been only asphalt for thirty-five years. We provided a Grand Award winning garden that creates visual separation from the street and a connection to the dramatic landscape.

Foxtail Garden

Xeriscape, low-water-use mountain garden design, Boulder, CO

Foxtail Garden is a Grand Award winning, low water use garden. The owner, a patron of the arts, wanted a sculptural approach to her high-end luxury garden.

Garden of the Aerie

Beautiful, unique garden water features by Viriditas, Boulder, CO

This Grand Award winning xeriscape garden is set on a dramatic site with 360-degree views. The vision was to connect the house with the surrounding panorama, so the garden beautifully leads the eye through to the landscape.

Green Pearl Dragon

Janapese Zen Style Garden Design & Construction, Denver, CO

Green Pearl Dragon, an Asian-style luxury garden, is an entrance garden to a town home in a gated community. The owners wished to have a garden in the spirit of the great gardens of Kyoto.


Unique Rock Sculpture by Jay Markel, Boulder, CO

My art — expressed in bronze castings, steel fabrications, a proprietary system of ferro-cement garden sculptures, custom luxury gardens, photography and film — has been a lifelong search for the same evolving expression.