Viriditas Luxury Landscape Design Company, Boulder, Denver, Colorado

Green Pearl Dragon

The Dream

"Rocks like the great gardens of Kyoto, Japan," was the very clear image our client had in mind for her garden.

The Challenge

This garden had to be created on a site where an exercise pool had formerly taken up the entire entrance area. The home houses a museum-quality Neolithic Chinese ceramic art collection, so the garden needed to reflect the same level of quality and taste. In addition, fulfilling the client's request for a Kyoto-style garden was in itself an extraordinary challenge given the limited space.

The Garden

Green Pearl Dragon is a Zen style garden designed perfectly to scale.

Viriditas, in conjunction with an engineer from a water blasting company, was able to create the illusion of ancient rocks from freshly blasted granite boulders.

We utilized a proprietary waterfall and pond construction system, and — true to the spirit of an Asian garden — landscaped with sparse plantings. The pool was transformed into a Koi pond.

Viriditas also designed and built an Asian style gate, wall topping, and a Tea House (in conjunction with the artist Russell Ferguson).

Green Pearl Dragon garden is its own world. Though it is small, a Saudi princess — who has acres of her own gardens at multiple palaces — complimented it as one of the nicest gardens she had ever seen.