Viriditas Luxury Landscape Design Company, Boulder, Denver, Colorado

Foxtail Garden

The Dream

The client had two adjoining lots on open space fronting the Flat Irons in Boulder, Colorado. A third adjoining lot was purchased, and the house removed, to set the stage for an unusual garden. Our client felt that the unique sculptural imagery of Viriditas owner and sculptor Jay Markel would be a perfect match for this extraordinary location.

The Challenge

The garden site was quite narrow and long—20 feet by 150 feet — set against a stunning mountain backdrop.

The Garden

Viriditas' design and unique construction capabilities were ideally suited for tackling this problematic space.

Given the narrow site, we felt that a more typical rock and wall garden design would not suffice. Viriditas created an open-grid mountain form, which echoes the Boulder Flat Irons in the background, while drawing the eye away from the site's less attractive mid-ground view.

The dramatic visual effect — looking out from inside the home and from the patios — is to connect and bring these magnificent mountains right to your feet. The sculptural form is substantial and completely open, leaving all available garden space available for planting.

Challenging sites that other landscape designers might avoid offer the possibility of unique and creative solutions. At Viriditas, we approach every site as an opportunity to deliver a garden that expresses the personality and lifestyle and dreams of each client. Foxtail Garden is a prime example.