Viriditas Luxury Landscape Design Company, Boulder, Denver, Colorado

At Viriditas, of Boulder, Colorado and Columbia, SC, our mission is to design and build world-class artisan luxury gardens.

We combine old-world craftsmanship with innovative construction techniques and modern materials. We take existing landscaping—or the blank canvas of new construction space—and create unique gardens that reflect the desires and personality of each owner.

We specialize in problematic sites. With many mountain estate homes or winery gardens, difficult terrain and low water demands are challenges that come with the territory. We embrace that challenge at each site, and find ways to make every garden a living, breathing place that owners will enjoy for years to come.

Viriditias is fluent in a wide range of styles and offers distinctive luxury features that may suit your own landscaping design needs:

  • Asian Style
  • French Garden
  • Tuscan Style
  • Chateaux Style
  • Xeriscape
  • Waterfall Design
  • Sculpture Garden
  • Winery Garden Design

Jay Markel is the founder and lead designer at Viriditas. A well-known sculptor, Jay brings a fine art sensibility to every garden he designs, and is the driving force behind making sure that Viriditas is unrivaled in creativity and innovation. Jay guarantees that Viriditas will always exceed client expectations.

Our award-winning gardens speak for themselves. You will find many beautiful photographs of client gardens on this site to help give you an idea of our work and —we hope—inspire your own garden ambitions.

Please feel free to email Jay ( or call him at 803.828.3850 to start a conversation about the garden of your dreams.